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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo shoot in Indiana waste lands
here is just one of the photos from a recent photo shoot, more to come!!!!!!
This came out amazing!!! Thanks to everyone you guys are awesome :)
 — with Kelly Galassi ( make up) Margaret Diantha Ain (assistant) and Angelina Dorogi (Photographer), and 
Taisha Harper (model) .

Kansas City Fashion Week Feb 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Brother is Awesome!

he wrote this:

What I Believe: An Atheist's Perspective

by James Borrowman on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 4:52pm

What do I believe? I should first start but telling you what I don't believe. I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in fairies. I don't believe in Big Foot or the Loche Ness Monster or chupacabra. I don't believe in UFO alien spacecraft from other worlds and the associated conspiracy theories. I don't believe that Lizard people are controlling the world. I don't believe in qi or meridian points. I don't believe that homeopathy is medicine. I don't believe that vaccines cause autism. I don't believe in a god or many gods or any god whatsoever. Especially not "one true god". I could go on indefinitely, but that's not the point of this post.

I don't not believe these things because I don't like them(some I do and some I don't) or because they make me uncomfortable(some certainly do), but because there is no good evidence that would support a belief in them. You may say there is evidence and sure, I'll grant you that, butany evidence does not equal good evidence. For instance, a story told by a drunkard of seeing a dog driving a car is evidence, but would you be inclined to believe him? No, of course not, because beyond it being implausible, which is not proof against it by itself, it simply isn't good enough evidence. You might ask him: Do you have a picture? A video? Can I see the dog? Can I inspect the vehicle?, etc. Also, as a crucial point, the standards of evidence are higher the more unlikely an event seems. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

But these non-beliefs don't define me. I am the sum of my parts. I have many beliefs. Atheism is not my defining characteristic but simply one way of categorizing me. I choose to use it because atheism is in dire need of addressing in our society currently. I am also a skeptic, humanist, freethinker, nerd, liberal, brother, son, friend, boyfriend and on and on.

What do I believe? I believe in science. More specifically, the scientific method. This is the basis of skepticism. Skepticism is what led me to atheism. Because of science I believe in many things. I believe the earth rotates and is round and revolves around the sun. I believe in evolution by natural selection and that humans share a common ancestor with chimpanzees and that all life on earth is related. I believe all matter is made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles such as protons, nuetrons, and electrons. Which are made of even smaller particles. I believe that the Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old and the universe is around 13.7 billion years old. I believe these things not only because scientists say they are true but because they show me how they know them to be true. They give good evidence.

I believe in love. I believe that love is caused by chemicals in the brain. I believe that this doesn't make it any less valid or true. I believe that family and friendship is important. I believe that a purpose to life is important. I don't believe that purpose is innate or "god-given" but is given by ourselves. I believe that as individuals we decide what our purpose should be. I believe that causing harm to others should be avoided if at all possible. I believe that people should be able to love whoever they choose and believe whatever they wish so long as they cause no harm to others.

I believe that we can only know things to be true in any sense by looking for evidence. Faith is detrimental to truth. That is my belief.

James Borrowman

Friday, October 7, 2011

Looks like I will be in Kansas City Fashion Week!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Check this out!!! I am excited to be a part of this event!

2011 Summer in Spain Designers Announced

March 11th, 2011 | Published in Designers, News

In no particular order, the following 18 designers will be featured in this year’s West 18th Street Fashion Show, Summer in Spain! We would like to congratulate each one of you on your acceptance and we look forward to a captivating show on June 11. *Accessory designers will be announced later this month.

Yulie Urano
Tara Kloeppel
Eli Borrowman
Cheryl Eve Acosta
Kaylin Hertel
Katie Coble
Tricia Rock
Chi Hiu Yim
Maegan Stracy
Tonia Barksdale
Christian Micheal
Nataliya Meyer
Dominique Karwoski & Steven Chau
Michael Wiehe
Lindsay Rae Miller
Ari Fish

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Opening that I am in!

Friday, February 25 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

West Loop, Swimming Pool Project Space
120 N. Green St. Apt. 5E

Created By

More Info
Swimming Pool Project Space is proud to present “Swimsuit Edition: A Visceral Body” curated by Lisa Majer. The exhibition will be a one-night show coupled with a 13 month exhibition calendar. It opens on Friday, February 25th, from 7-10pm, offsite from the storefront space, at 120 N. Green Street, apartment 5E, in the west loop.

"Swimsuit Edition: A Visceral Body - Relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.... The artists, designers, performers, and thinkers in this edition elicit profound primal sensations through their craft. From the base to the sublime, from the personal to the social, from introspective to active, and from seductive to confrontational, the sensations and sensationalism of the works are ports of entry as points of departure."
--Lisa Majer

Artists featured:
Eli Borrowman
Rae Langes
Katrin Schnabl
Carrie Gundersdorf
Danielle Paz
Amy Honchell
Jaime Lynn Henderson
Jessie Mott
Shannon Faseler
Kristina Sparks
Steve Reinke
Jim Sorfleet
Carolina Wheat
SweetDevil Red

Image: Danielle Paz, video still from "I Played my Best"

The Swimming Pool Project Space is bringing the catalogue back from near extinction and hanging it on the walls of fans, gallerists and collectors. Lisa Majer has compiled artists and designed a Swimsuit Issue for the finale one night show at the all new Swimming Pool. It is dedicated to 13 artists, each presenting a month for 2011 and into 2012. The opening night brings a group show and features the release of the printed, functional, mini-catalogue.

Usually, an exhibition catalogue comes to the gallery as a resource for a special event. It is a remnant of a particularly thoughtful curatorial expression ready to sit on a coffee table or bookshelf waiting to be read in order to prove its relevance. Not many museum or gallery goers choose to purchase the copy, however, it continues to be a permanent reminder of an experience. The viewing of art between specific white walls, recorded and clarified. The catalogue may include elaborate essays outlining the curatorial vision of the show, and images within and without the show in order to provide context for the viewer. Or perhaps it’s meant to explain its arrangement and vision more explicitly leading the reader to the water hole and intravenously delivering the liquid ‘knowledge’. Here, we’ve decided to simply expose the figure for your own wall.

The timelessness of print coupled with the impermanence of an opening, are together now. These images are capturing a moment. You too can capture a moment with your pen, your memory of the day, your reminder for the future or for the eventual past. The momentum of the Pool’s closing wraps around the year of the Rabbit and draws you to make marks and enjoy the sights.

As the year of the lucky bunny scampers in, we look forward to the fortune and fashion before us. This compilation is a celebration of exposure, a letting loose and letting it all hang out attitude. There are few secrets involved with a swimsuit. We are not and haven’t ever attempted to cover up anything. Rather, the Pool wants to perpetually present art whether at a risk or in the raw. Emerging from the water and allowing the lens of the bright sun to capture our environment, our bodies or our dedication to presenting art in a space or on a wall. We choose to suspend images in your home’s space by collapsing time. As the Pool takes its last stand in Chicago, we hope you will remember our humor, our playfulness and our dedication to enjoying the moment in art. For after the moment’s no longer, the Swimsuit Issue will linger. We trust it is going to be a remarkable year to remember.
---Carolina Wheat

Lady Gaga - 60 Minutes interview 2.13.2011 (Complete Version)