Saturday, March 12, 2011

Check this out!!! I am excited to be a part of this event!

2011 Summer in Spain Designers Announced

March 11th, 2011 | Published in Designers, News

In no particular order, the following 18 designers will be featured in this year’s West 18th Street Fashion Show, Summer in Spain! We would like to congratulate each one of you on your acceptance and we look forward to a captivating show on June 11. *Accessory designers will be announced later this month.

Yulie Urano
Tara Kloeppel
Eli Borrowman
Cheryl Eve Acosta
Kaylin Hertel
Katie Coble
Tricia Rock
Chi Hiu Yim
Maegan Stracy
Tonia Barksdale
Christian Micheal
Nataliya Meyer
Dominique Karwoski & Steven Chau
Michael Wiehe
Lindsay Rae Miller
Ari Fish