Friday, June 18, 2010

This outfit, made for its debut at my thesis exhibition at Northwestern University, is modeled by Niki. This glittery aqua vinyl bolero jacket with lining is accentuated with hott pink binding. Crossing over her chest is a fuchsia and black knit tube top. Over that she wears a peach, textured knit dress with cut outs on the front and back of the top attached to a pleated skirt. This dress features black and brown print binding and knit pockets. Covering her stems are fuchsia ribbed knit leggings with green binding and black under tones. Around her neck she wears a knit, pink and black print tube scarf with accented gray, tiger stripped sweater knit lining for looks and warmth. This scarf also features a turquoise separating zipper which zips, to close in around the face tighter, for those cold and windy Chicago days.

Block Museum
Thesis Exhibition, Northwestern University 2010

Gettin ready! My amazing team of helpers!!

Socializing and offering candied fruit from my JarDress

Discarded skin suits

All photos taken by Kiley Reed Black. You can contact her and her associate @,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In progress images